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Automated handling

Metal Work presents an exclusive new modular system for automation

  • It can connect anything to anything: grippers, slides, rotary actuators or guide units, or even aluminium structures of any make.
  • It can have any spatial orientation.
  • It is very easy to connect, quick to lock and accessible from all sides.
  • There is no need for adaptor plates between components.
  • The connection is extremely robust, precise and repeatable.

Each component in the V-Lock series has a dovetail that is 40 mm wide and extends the entire length. There are longitudinal precision slots, 6H7 wide, 20 mm pitch, in which a perforated key is inserted. To connect two components, merely bring them into contact and tighten the M5 screws in the universal fixing element K. 

The continuously expanding V-Lock catalogue includes precision slides, guide units coupled with ISO15552 and 6432 cylinders, rodless cylinders, rotary actuators, grippers, electric linear actuators and numerous accessories.

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